Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses Can Improve Your Bankroll

There are so many different reasons to choose one online casino over another. The variety of games, wagering levels and number of tournaments, gaming rooms or slots are just a few. However, the variety of bonuses and size of the bonuses can make the biggest difference in your bankroll and may help you keep playing to come out ahead even if you’ve lost your original deposit. Casino bonuses vary dramatically both in amount, type and requirements. So, it’s important to find one that is best for your situation by weighing all the rules to receive the cash without playing for more than comfortably fits your budget.

Casino bonuses may be a percentage of the money you deposited. These types of deposit bonuses credit your account with a higher amount than you deposited based on a percentage. The amount might be anywhere from 20 to 1000 percent of your first time deposit. Normally they also come with a specific amount of play before you can cash out the bonus or sometimes even before you can use it in play. For instance, you may have to play enough to run through your original deposit twice or three times before the bonus is eligible for play. If you’re winning, it’s not a problem, but can make the bonus useless if you’re losing.

The best of all casino bonuses is the no-deposit bonus. Many of these are offered by affiliate sites, but some are found directly at the casino. The casino or site affiliated with the casino offers a specific amount of money to let you try out the site, hoping you’ll eventually enjoy it enough to make a deposit. In most cases, you can’t cash out the money until you’ve played a specific number of hours or run the money through a certain number of times. Running the money through means you play the amount they gave you. For instance, if the no deposit bonus was $100 and you had to run the money through 10 times, you’d have to make enough wagers to total $1000. That would require you to win enough to have money left over at the end of the time. Even then, sometimes you still have to make a deposit to take out the money or fulfill some other requirement. Sometimes the “freeplay” bonuses also give you extra money if you make a deposit.

There are a number of other casino bonuses available. Casinos may also offer a match play bonus. Similar to land based casinos, where they match a specific bet at the tables, thus boosting a $25 wager to a $50 wager, these often match your deposit. High roller bonuses are offered for those who deposit higher amounts of money. Unlike many of the other bonuses, the requirements on these may not be as stringent when it comes to wagering. Reload bonuses are for those who have already played through their original bankroll and are an enticement to make another deposit. Loyalty bonuses are for playing a specific amount at a casino and referral bonuses are for inviting friends who make deposits and play at the casino.

All the bonuses come with strings and requirements, but are well worth jumping through the hoops to attain the extra funds or to remove the money. You may have to “clear” the funds. That simply means you have to play your original deposit enough to meet specific requirements to earn the bonus. As noted previously, many times the bonus money can’t be withdrawn without achieving a specific level of play, particularly when you’re dealing with a freeplay bonus. It only makes sense for the casino to have play requirements, since some people would sign up to play, maybe even making a deposit for the extra bonus, and then cash out the funds, changing the casino to a bank account with high interest. It wouldn’t take long before the casino would be out of business if many people did this. The bonuses are enticements to play, but can be very beneficial when you know all the rules. Check the fine print before you deposit to maximize your benefits.